Welcome to Bikersdam

DSC_0937Well hello there stranger… said everyone reading this post. I know, I know, it’s been like a minute or two since my last post AND we might have moved continents since then… BUT don’t fear, I am here now!

So exactly one month ago, Jonathan, myself and Mollie stepped on to a jet plane headed to Amsterdam. We were a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and ALL the sleepy bones (especially Mollie who immediately assumed the Jell-O position all over my lap). After only a few hiccups – Mollie peeing in the middle of RDU, having our carry-on bags booked all the way to Amsterdam and REALLY bad red wine on the international flight (thanks but no thanks, American Airlines) – we landed safely in Schiphol Airport. It was surprising and actually quite frightening how easy it was to get Mollie through Dutch Customs; but after many tears, hours of paperwork and hundreds of dollars spent in the US, it felt good to have someone at least glance at her papers for half a second… NOPE. But oh well! We made it and now we’re officially Amsterdamians! (not a real word)

Before I bombard you with pictures, I’ll give you a quick synopsis of Dam Life so far…

  1. Stayed with my (great) uncle and (second) cousins for ten days in their bed & breakfast located in the Old South area of Amsterdam. Fun fam times.
  2. Bought two bikes on our second day. Old bikes, new locks – that’s the Amsterdam way (aka theft prevention).
  3. Attended an Ajax football match (so European right now) where the opposing team’s fans were literally caged in by glass walls and had their own entrance/exit because fighting is so bad. Cray!
  4. Biked, walked, biked, trammed, biked around Amsterdam. My feet and legs are so sore.
  5. Moved into a furnished apartment that looks directly into the Vondelpark (aka the Central Park of Amsterdam).
  6. Went to Ikea (see picture below of had-to-eat-it Ikea meatballs meal).
  7. Discovered – order it before 22:00 (yes, they do military time here) and get it the next day. This is real life!
  8. Found a church – Hillsong Amsterdam – that meets at a downtown club. Cool people and ah-mazing worship!
  9. Mollie note – played ball and ran and chased birds and made friends to the point of exhaustion.
  10. And last but not least, ate (and still eating) ALL THE BREAD AND CHEESE KNOWN TO MAN.

Okay, we get the stuff that we shipped from the States today (PRAISE THE LORD JESUS), so I’ll do an apartment blog post once it looks like home. But Amsterdam arrival pictures, ready set go!


Bikes + flowers + park = Classic Amsterdam (no idea who this lady is, but it’s a perfect visual description).


The Shopping Street of Amsterdam (aka tourist trap where there is a 100% chance someone will walk into you).


Fall foliage just a creepin’…


Mollie’s dog heaven on earth. All the dogs. All the time.

DSC_0967DSC_0951 DSC_0959 DSC_0953

I definitely wasn’t holding up a treat to get this picture. Nope, no way.

DSC_0960 IMG_0161

Ikea adventure and meatball meal for the win (and/or serious stomach ache… but for reals).

My uncle Paul and cousin Olivier. We all decided to wear a hat to the bar (aka I was the only one who actually wore it because I’m the coolest. Duh.)


Mollie’s favorite spot in the park. Literally, in the WHOLE field there is ONE puddle. Thus, lots of bath time.

DSC_0939 DSC_0917

Entrance to my uncle’s house on the left. Bed & Breakfast to the right.




So as you can see, it’s pretty much a perfectly quaint and old city (with lots of pretty doors) that has already stolen our hearts. We certainly miss home – cough*reallymissBojangles*cough – but this place and these people couldn’t make it easier to be so far away from family and friends. We can’t wait to have everyone come visit and experience the amazingness in person!!

In true Dutch style I’ll leave you with a left cheek kiss, a right cheek kiss, and yup another left cheek kiss (they are THREE cheek kissers – a lot of love to give!). XXX, Laura